Service Dog Team Sponsors

We are looking for sponsors for our veteran/K9 service dog teams. If you are interested in sponsoring a Veteran/K9 team, complete and submit the sponsor application found in the Forms drop box.  Our services are free to veterans; but funding is still needed in order to provide vest, leashes, training collars, training treats, etc.

As a sponsor of a SD team, you will receive a Certificate of Recognition, and a biography of the SD team.

How it Works

Sponsors will be notified when a new team begins their training.
Sponsors will then have the opportunity to accept or pass on the sponsorship.
If the sponsor accepts, they will choose one of the pre-designated donation amounts for the team’s training.
Once the donation is received, the certificate and Bio will be mailed to you. 
Sponsors will also be listed on our FB page with the number of teams sponsored.
A photo of the K9 may be included if the veteran allows it.
All donations are tax deductible. We are a 501C-3 Non-Profit.


Alpha Sponsor: $130.00
Your $130.00 will provide the team with a “Service Dog in Training” vest, a Martin Gale training collar, one 6-foot leash, one 20-foot leash, a training treat pouch, and a beginner bag of training treats.

Bravo Sponsor: $75.00
Will provide the team with a SD in training vest, collar, 6 ft. leash, and a 20 ft. leash.

Charlie Sponsor: $50.00
Will provide the team with a SD in Training Vest and collar.

Delta Sponsor: $25.00
Will provide the team with a treat pouch and treats.
We have several veteran teams right now that are in need of some assistance. 

Current Sponsors

Alpha Sponsors:

Budget Blinds-Blairsville, GA
Kings Pharmacy-Hayesville, NC

Charlie Sponsor:

Nantahala Bank-Hayesville, NC

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