To all my brothers and sisters friends family cousins. Please take a look at this sight and share with all of your friends. Bill Buck is the Marine owner, operator, trainer, and all around Jedi master that runs Paws 4a Warrior. I can never repay Bill for all the he has done for Jack and I. This Marine trained Jack and I for free and refused to take money for any part of Jack’s training. This is a good cause and a tax write off. HEY ACTIVE DUTY this is one of those CFC donations you have to sit in a class for once a year. Unlike those huge organizations P4aW is very small and in the middle of no where but, Bill runs his small training facility (his personal house and yard) as if it is staffed by 10 Marines.


Martha Rainwater Buffington

Although I am not a veteran, I too have trained with Bill Buck. He is 1 in a million & his dedication to his fellow vets & their dogs is incredible. I really respect him & all he does.