About Us

Bill served with the 2nd Combined Action Group in Vietnam with the US. Marine Corps in the early 1970’s.  After experiencing first hand the lack of support to Vietnam veterans the birth of Paws 4a Warrior was born in January of 2012.

Bill has taken his experience 30 years of teaching in the public school system, along with many workshops, observing other trainers and much trial and error through the years to now have a great track record helping to train these furry little critters.

Bill has a deep drive and desire to help veterans live better lives.  His heart is more than warmed by the work he does when he begins to see the close bond a dog has with their veteran owners.

I keep doing what I’m doing because I want to help vets live their best life.”  Bill Buck

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
~ Roger Caras